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How to donate your Car, Truck, or Motorcycle in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Are you located in Brooklyn, N.Y. and are looking to donate your Car, Truck, or Motorcycle? Troops Fund Relief is a service that can surely help you. Not only will you be donating your vehicle, you will also be donating to a great cause. Troop Relief Fund is a 501© (3) organization. This means that all donations ARE tax deductible. The process is quick and easy as we guide you through it.

How To Donate Your Motorcycle On Staten Island In Order To Earn A Tax Deduction

By donating your Motorcycle to Troops Relief Fund, we’ll reduce the stress of the donation process. Call us at 1-646-402-6102 and answer a few simple questions. We can surely pick up the motorcycle at a location and time that is most convenient for you. There are no hidden deductible fees or pick up fees. We make sure that our business is completely transparent. Once picked up, your motorcycle is put up for auction to the highest bidder or recycled into reusable material.