Why Donate Your Car?

By donating your vehicle, you’ll be helping servicemen and veterans, whether the vehicle runs or not. This donation helps us in our mission to support these brave men and women, providing them with strength and gratitude for all that they’ve done for us. That’s not all, there are numerous reasons why it’s a great choice to donate your car or truck to Troops Relief Fund.

Benefits of Car Donation

The most important reason for making a donation to Troops Relief Fund is that the proceeds will go directly to local troops and veterans in the New York City area. We support programs that will assist veterans with vet dogs, as well as helping with wounded warrior project, and sending care packages overseas.

There are thousands of men and women that rely on programs like the ones supported by Troops Relief Fund. Donations by you and people in the Staten Island/Brooklyn community can help make the lives of troops and veterans substantially better. Donate your car, then tell your family and friends, maybe they’ll do the same. You never know who will be inspired by your generosity!

Because we’re a 501 (c)(3) organization, all donations to Troops Relief Fund are completely tax deductible. When filing your taxes next year, use the tax-deductible receipt to claim the biggest possible deduction.

Hassle and Expense Free Vehicle Pick-up!

There are a lot of ways that ridding yourself of an unwanted vehicle can be difficult. Posting listings on websites, meeting with potential buyers, and arranging for towing are time-consuming and in some cases expensive. Donating your car can actually be as beneficial to you as a sale without any of that hassle. By donating your car to Troops Relief Fund, we’ll make the process of getting rid of your car quickly and easily.

Troops Relief Fund will travel anywhere in Brooklyn or Staten Island to pick up your vehicle, for free, whether it’s in running condition or not! Either way, you’ll receive the highest possible tax deduction.

Because of Troops Relief Fund, you’ll have no need to place costly ads or haggle with buyers. We’re happy to pick up that vehicle which has been cluttering your driveway, while helping the troops, and getting you the biggest possible tax-deduction!




    About Troops Relief Fund

    We send overseas care packages and assist veterans with vet dogs, as well as provide support to the wounded warrior project. Donation proceedings go to Phillips Global ROTC Program for armed forces. Our focus is on the areas of Staten Island, Brooklyn, and Queens.

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    Phone: 1-646-402-6102

    Address: 400C Victory Boulevard
    Staten Island, NY 10301
    (Staten Island Chapter)

    P.O. Box:PO Box 140580
    Howard Beach, NY 11414

    How It Works

    Call Us! (or Click)
    Speak to a professional who will walk you through our fast and easy process. (You can also click here and do everything yourself online!)

    Schedule Your Pickup
    We always make sure to choose a time that’s most convenient to you. You tell us where your vehicle can be picked up, and we’ll do everything else!.

    Your vehicle will be sold in an auction or recycled into new materials. The proceeds from either of these sales will benefit the charities that have partnered with Troops Relief Fund.

    Tax Deduction
    Finally, once we have your donation, we mail you a tax-deductible receipt. Save it, and use it on next year’s taxes to claim your deduction. It’s that easy!.