How To Donate A Car For Tax Deduction On Staten Island

Donate a Car For Tax Deduction Staten Island

How To Donate A Car For Tax Deduction

Many people who are looking to donate their vehicles might not know where to look to get started on their car donations for tax deduction on Staten Island. Rest assured, you’ve come to the right place. Not only would you be donating to a charitable cause, but you will also receive your tax-exemption at its maximized possible value. Troops Relief Fund can guarantee to bring you the maximum valued tax deduction for donating your old car, truck, or motorcycle. No matter where in New York City you call from. If your vehicle is on Staten Island, we will make sure to choose a time that’s most convenient for you. You tell us where your vehicle can be picked up, and we’ll handle everything else!

We are more than capable of offering our services to the boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens as well. Our employees are more than willing to offer the help with taking the necessary first steps to getting your hands on that aforementioned tax-exemption while getting the weight of the vehicle off your shoulders. At absolutely no cost to you, Troops Fund Relief will arrange the pick up of your vehicle. The service is quick and easy. We, at Troops Fund Relief, understand how precious your time is. We could take the vehicle from your possession without you having to lift a finger.

In order to maximize your car donation, a few steps must be taken into consideration. Our experts will assess the value of your vehicle, your vehicle will be examined as soon as it is collected and you will receive a receipt of the donation. Once we have your donation, we mail you a tax-deductible receipt shortly after your vehicle is sold in an auction or recycled into new materials. The proceeds from either of these sales will benefit the charities that have partnered with Troops Relief Fund.