How to Donate Your Car or Truck on Staten Island

Staten Island Car Donation from Troops Relief Fund

If you live on Staten Island, then we have you covered with simple and easy car donation pickup! Troops Relief Fund is run by native Staten Islanders who know the island like the back of our hands all the way from St. George to Tottenville. With Troops Relief Fund on your side, Staten Island car donation has never been easier. Rain or shine, cars or trucks; Troops Relief Fund is here to make sure that your Staten Island car donation is a fast and easy process that will get you on your way and smiling with the reward of a maximum tax deduction in your pocket and the piece of mind that your car or truck is going to be repurposed and/or sold to benefit Troops and Veterans in need.

It’s as simple as filling out the introductory form on our website, speaking to one of our local representatives, scheduling a time that is convenient for you, and letting us do all the heavy lifting from there. Like all Staten Islanders, we want the best for our men & women out there protecting the USA, as well as those who have served and returned home. If you’d like your car or truck donation to go to the men and women who serve in the US military, Troops Relief Fund is the car donation service for you!

Troops Relief Fund is owned and operated by native Staten Islanders who know the island from the north shore to south shore & the east shore to west shore. Whether you need a pickup on Bay Street or on Page Avenue, we’ll get there on time so you don’t have to waste yours. Leave your old car and your worries parked at home and let Troops Relief Fund take care of everything. At Troops Relief Fund, we get Staten Islanders because we’re from here ourselves!

Fill out our donation form, here

Call Today To Schedule Or For More Information: 1-646-402-6102

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