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The tax year is almost over and time is running out for you to receive a maximum tax deduction on your current filings.

That’s right. By donating your old car or vehicle with Troops Relief Fund, they provide you with the maximum tax deduction for your donation. All you have to do are a few easy & simple steps:

Call up Troops Relief Fund, answer a few quick questions about your vehicle, provide them with a time and date for pickup, and the rest is in their hands.

They will come to you, pickup your vehicle and send you a maximum tax-deduction receipt to be used on your current year’s filings. It’s that simple. No more searching through the phone book or online listings for places to sell your old clunker. Let Troops Relief Fund do all of the heavy lifting and leave you with a maximum tax-rebate.

But the current tax season is almost up! So don’t sleep on donating your car today. Sure, if you wait, you can still get the tax rebate and save it for next year’s filings. But why wait another year when you can see that tax deduction working for you now?

As if the tax deduction wasn’t enough, Troops Relief Fund also partners with charities such as the Wounded Warrior Project, which helps injured soldiers and recovering veterans; the Phillips Global ROTC Program, which aids in setting up food pantries and clothing drives for those in need; and local charities in the NYC area to send care packages to currently serving troops overseas.

So don’t be that person that waits until it is too late. Especially when Troops Relief Fund makes it so easy to donate your old car or vehicle. With just a quick phone call, your maximum tax-deduction is waiting for you!

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Donate your car on Staten Island to Troops Relief Fund!

Looking to get rid of an old clunker? Upgrading the family car? Don’t waste precious time and energy placing ads on social media and local bulletin board sites. Let Troops Relief Fund take your vehicle off your hands for you! Most people looking to get rid of their vehicle assume that the process of donating their car is time-consuming and convoluted. It doesn’t need to be though. With potential buyers, there will always be the pressure from them to negotiate the price and terms of pickup.

By donating your car or truck to Troops Relief Fund, we take the entire workload off your shoulders with a quick and easy pickup, scheduled for a time of your choosing. We make sure to pick up your vehicle whenever it is most convenient for YOU! From there, Troops Relief Fund picks up the vehicle, which is then sold at auction or recycled into fresh materials. Proceeds from these sales go toward our partner charities benefiting local Troops and Veterans in the New York City area through programs like the Wounded Warrior Project and programs to assist Veterans in acquiring Vet Dogs. Troops Relief Fund is a 501 (c)(3) organization. This means that all donations are completely tax deductible.

Once we receive your donation, we will send you a tax-deductible receipt to be used on next year’s taxes. We guarantee the greatest possible deduction. Don’t be suckered in by companies looking to charge a fee for vehicle pickup or who make it a point to hide their deductible rate behind the fine print. With Troops Relief Fund, we make the entire process completely transparent and simple so that you can swiftly get rid of your old vehicle and be on your way to a maximum tax deduction and the satisfaction of knowing that your vehicle is being re-purposed for a great cause! To get started, simply fill out our online form, and one of our representatives will return your inquiry within 24 hours.

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